• Functionality

What is factoring?

Factoring is the contractually regulated, regular purchase of short-term monetary claims from deliveries of goods and services by a factor.


  • Financing in EUR or common foreign currencies through the purchase of your trade receivables
  • Regular (daily / weekly / monthly) purchase of your receivables
  • Payout between 85 % and up to 100 % of the invoice amount (depending of your debitors' deductions and potential counter positions)

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Handling / technical processing

  • Processing via a certified PB Factoring IT platform
  • Login via HTML browser (Windows 10 and Mac compatible)
  • Easy handling thanks to upload function for your debtor lists
  • Overview of the status of your receivables at any time
  • Simple user administration

EF Online Webportal The new EF Online Webportal

  • one of the leading platforms in Germany and Europe
  • modern web-based front-end
  • information center and dashboard functionalities
  • simple and flexible interface
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